Advanced Open Water Certification

Buoyancy Scuba Dive with Cordova Diving
Cordova Diving student training on the hoops during an AOW Buoyancy dive.

The Advanced Open Water Diver course is designed to be taken immediately following the Open Water course. It consists of at least five supervised dives which expand the students
experience with different dives and diving environments. The AOW course must include a deep dive (to 100 feet or more) as well as a Navigation dive to acquaint the student with the use of a compass and dead reckoning navigation.

Scuba student demonstrates us of a lift bag.
Cordova Diving student prepares to use a lift bag to recover an object from the ocean bottom.

Students must choose and complete at least three other adventure dives, which are single dive previews of the various multi-dive specialty courses of the same name. We recommend the Peak Performance Buoyancy dive, a Night dive and a Search and Recovery dive. For more information, see our Specialty courses.

We do not limit AOW students to only the five Adventure dives necessary for certification, but instead encourage students to join us on as many dives as they can and to repeat dives to become comfortable with the dive skills and environments presented.

Scuba Student on a wreck dive.
Cordova Diving student comes up from exploration of the inner compartments of the Sea Emperor.

We charge $350 per diver for a semi-private class and $275 per diver for 3 or more students, plus any applicable boat fees, which are usually $60 for a two tank dive. Guests of The Hotel Cordova and Hostel pay only $200 for the course, plus boat fees. We supply gear, cylinders and weights. You supply your mask and fins.