Open Water Certification

Perfoming a skill in the OW scuba class.
A student performing a Giant Stride Entry as part of the Cordova Diving Open Water class.

The Open Water Diver course is the entry level course in the PADI curriculum. Persons with some experience or background in scuba have  completed the course in as few as 3 days, but most students prefer a 5-day course: three 4-hour mixed pool and classroom sessions, followed by a free evening then four ocean checkout dives completed over two mornings. This schedule offers repetition for critical skills and an opportunity for students to integrate dive theory with dive practice.

Performing a skill in the Cordova Diving Open Water class
A Cordova Diving OW student executing a Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent.




The course costs $350 per student for semi-private instruction; $275 per student for classes of 3 or more; and $200 per student for registered guests of The Hotel Cordova and Hostel. Students must be at least 10 years of age, must be able to swim and must supply their own mask and fins. We supply the BCD, cylinder, wetsuit and weights as needed.