The Rescue Certification

Cordova Diving student demonstrates how to raise an unresponsive diver to the surface.
Raising an unresponsive diver.

Our PADI Rescue Course usually takes five days. Students are encouraged to read both the DAN DEMP manual and the PADI Rescue Manual prior to our first class.

We begin each of the first four rescue sessions by covering one of the four DAN courses comprising the DEMP

Cordova Diving student demonstrates how to provide rescue breaths while towing a victim to shore.
Towing victim to shore.

certification:  Basic Life Support, Hazardous Marine Injuries, Neurological Assessment and Emergency Oxygen Treatment. We then watch one of PADI’s five section Rescue course videos and review that material and the associated Knowledge Review questions from the Rescue Manual.

Cordova Diving rescue student demonstrates how to prepare to exit the water with a diving victim.
Preparing to exit the water with the victim.

Finally, we go to the beach or the pool to work on the  in-water exercises demonstrated in the video. During the fourth session, we work through the fourth and fifth sections of the PADI manual and administer the written final exam for the course.

On the fifth day, we go to the beach, where we review several rescue scenarios and run specific in-water drills regarding those scenarios. There is a good deal of information to be learned in the PADI Rescue course, but by stretching the course over 5 days students have adequate time to process and learn the information.

Cordova Diving rescue student demonstrates how to make an initial assessment of an injured diver's injuries.
Rescue student makes initial examination of injured diver.

The course is $450 each for semi-private instruction; $400 per student for 3 or more students; and guests of The Hotel Cordova and Hostel pay just $350 per student. Upon completion of the course, students will be PADI certified Rescue Divers and Diving Emergency

Cordova Diving students demonstrate how to administer oxygen to an injured diver.
Rescue student gets assistance in administering oxygen.

Management Providers (DEMP) through the Diver’s Alert Network.  We think our rescue course is a bargain.